Russia is located in the southwest corner of Shelby County.  It was founded by Lewis Phillips, who named the town Russia because it reminded him of the countryside where he grew up in Europe.  Russia boasts a population of over 600 residents, and is proud to be the home to Clopay Corporation, Superior Aluminum Products, Berkway Properties, O’Reilly Precision Products, and many other small businesses. With its numerous businesses and organizations, Russia is a thriving, productive community.  Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Ft Wayne and Toledo are all within a 100 mile radius of Russia.

The Village of Russia is home to members of a community that prides itself on a strong work ethic and a desire to give back to the community in which they live.  The village offers all the necessary amenities for living, working and building a business within the community including a full complement of utility and public safety services and willingness by village government to provide the best assistance possible.  We invite you to learn more about living and working in our village.

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