• Q) Our company does a lot of business throughout Shelby County, but we do not have a physical location in the County. Can our company become a ShelbyCountyFocus.com subscriber?

    • A) Sorry, but as our name indicates our website focuses on Shelby County based businesses and organizations, only. It is our purpose to promote the many businesses and organizations in Shelby County.

  • Q) We are a Non-Profit organization located in and serving the Shelby County community. Is there a special subscription rate for non-profit organizations?

    • A) Unfortunately, we have no special "non-profit rate". In order to keep the subscription rates low for all business and organizational subscribers, we have decided that all subscribers must use the same rates. However, with ANNUAL rates as low as $30/year, we believe every business and organzation will find our rates more than fair.

  • Q) I recently started a new landscaping business servicing Shelby County. How can your site help me?

    • A) All of our Subscription Levels will allow your business to display your business profile on our Business Directory, which is searchable by Category / Sub-category (ie Consumer Services / Landscaping) and also by Keyword (ie "landscaping", "lawns" or "mowing" ). If you decide on our Premier Subscription, you can also take advantage of our Coupons, Events Calendar. Of course, you can also rent ad space (by the month, quarter or year) at very reasonable rates.

      All subscription levels allow links to your email, website, Facebook page, Twitter page, or Linked-In page. Of course, our Premier Level Subscriptions offer additional features to help promote your business. 

  • Q) I own a local pub that offers weekend entertainment. As a subscriber, can I post our weekend events (parties, bands, musicians, etc) to the Community Events Calendar?

    • A) That is exact purpose of our Community Events Calendar. It was designed to be the place everyone goes to find out what is happening in the various communities throughout Shelby County. Visitors to our site can also sign up (for Free) for automated weekly email notifications of upcoming events, so they always know what is happening in Shelby County in the near future.

  • Q) A local business recently completed a home improvement project for us and I would like to let others know about it. Can I use your website to tell others what an awesome job they did?
    • A) You certainly can. We offer a special feature we call "Kudos" as a forum for visitors to publically thank a local business for doing a great job! To submit a "Kudo", simply find the business' profile page and click on the "Kudos" icon.  I am sure the local business you wish to thank will appreciate your kind words.

      NOTE: Probably the quickest way to locate a local business' profile is to enter the business name into the "Search" box on our homepage.
  • Q) My business already has a website and a Facebook page. How does this site help me with my business' online marketing? 
    • A) It is great that you already have an online presence. However, subscribing to our community website should guarantee your website and Facebook page many more hits. Remember, your Shelby County Focus profile links directly to your website and your Facebook page, Twitter page, Linked In account, etc. Visitors finding your profile on our site should definitely direct more visitors to your website and Facebook page.
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