was created to offer an online location where visitors to the site could search for Shelby County businesses and organizations to supply local goods and and services. 

Three other features were added to make the site more beneficial to the residents of Shelby County, thereby making it more of a Community Website.  A Community Events Calendar was added which allows local businesses and organizations to promote events to the public, a Local Coupons section was added to allow them to offer discount coupons to the public and a Local Job Openings section was added, where subscribers could post job openings.

In this day and age when transportation costs are so high, locating a product or service locally can obviously save both buyers and sellers money, whether they are businesses, organizations or end users. “Buying Local” also supports this great community in which we live.

This site was created by, and is maintained by, life-long Shelby County residents who believe in promoting the great opportunities that Shelby County has to offer.

 As our name suggests, on, we promote only Shelby County, Ohio businesses and organizations.
- where the Focus is on Shelby County, Ohio.

Dave & Linda DeVelvis

Your team

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