MOnumental Building, Shelby County Veterans Services Office

Shelby County Veterans Services
Monumental Building
133 S. Ohio Avenue
Sidney, Ohio 45365

Phone: 937-498-7282
FAX: 937-498-7483

Ed Ball, Executive Director /
County Veterans Service Officer

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Theresa Manteuffel, Veterans Service Officer
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Chris North, Administrative Assistant /
Veterans Service Officer

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Providing Services and Benefits to Eligible Veterans, Widows and Dependents

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

The Veterans' Service Commission is a county agency dedicated to aiding veterans in times of need. There are two services the agency provides:

  • Emergency financial assistance to eligible veterans and family members who have demonstrated a need.
  • Assistance when dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The Veterans' Service Office represents and assists veterans, spouses, dependent children, surviving widows and parents of deceased veterans entitled to DIC, when they apply to the VA for benefits.

Ohio is the only state that provides such comprehensive support and services to its veterans. Each of the 88 counties in Ohio has a board of five appointed commissioners who administer the program for their respective county.

For over 100 years veterans helping veterans!

Services Provided:  
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
    • The Veterans Service Commission provides short term basic living
      needs to eligible veterans, spouses, dependent children and widows on
      an emergency basis.

      These services include:
      • Rent payment.
      • Utilities.
      • Food.
      • and other areas
  • Veterans Service Officers
    • The Service Officer provides a full range of benefits and information for eligible vetereans, their surviving spouses, dependent children and dependent parents though accreditied veterans organizations

      These services include:
      • Preparation of forms.
      • Documentation of claim and pertinent data.
      • Proper submission of claims
        to VA and follow-up.

Listed below are the documentation needed when filing for:

Emergency Financial Assistance

  • DD214 (or equivalent)
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of household income
  • Copies of all current monthly bills
  • Landlord statement, if applicable

Benefits, Compensation or Pension

  • DD214 (or equivalent)
  • Proof of household income
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate (of all past marriages; veteran and spouse)
  • Birth certificate(s) of minor children
  • Death certificate; veteran/spouse
  • Proof of Social Security Number; Veteran/Spouse/Dependent children

Eligibility requirements for financial assistance:

  • Active Duty in the U.S. Military and received an honorable or general discharge (under honorable conditions) or be a spouse, dependent child or widow of and honorable or general discharged (under honorable conditions) veteran or a parent receiving V.A. benefits.
  • Resided in Shelby County for at least three months prior to the application for assistance.

Resided in Shelby County for at least three months prior to the application for assistance.

To be eligible for emergency financial assistance, a definite financial need must be demonstrated.

The Veterans Service Commission considers many factors when determining financial need including income from work, benefits from County, State and the Federal Government, your living expenses and assets.

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